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My first time getting one of these...3 rares required?


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I can't believe I've never gotten one of these before, but I've never noticed any non-purple requiring three rares to craft. Three rare salvage required? I can still profit off it - but damn, this is insane. The IO isn't even that good. More often than not, a standard Heal IO will give more regen than this proc - though it will depend on what power it's used in. 

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The triple-rare recipe drops always surprise me... especially because they tend to be pieces that are not in great demand (or have less perceived utility from me).


I want to say that some of the "newer" sets' recipes have some like this.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Coffy said:

Is there a table showing item requirements for all recipes?

Not to my knowledge. The HC wiki page for each recipe lists the components, but that's on a per-recipe basis. The only comprehensive dataset that I am aware of is the one I put together, which is available here. It's not in tabular format but it probably wouldn't require much effort to do so if one were willing.

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