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Extra 0s

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On 5/21/2023 at 8:31 AM, EmperorSteele said:

Measure three times, you won't cut again!


...wait that makes no sense.

Depends on what body part that third cut hit, am I right?

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My extra 0 woes almost always come from posting and having to eat the listing fee (x10).


I try to highlight the 1st number and change it to something else (ie 1,234,567 to 2,234,567) but I miss on highlighting and the cursor goes to the end of the window so the new value ends up being 12,345,672.

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In addition, I'm an "All sales are final" adherent.


Despite my diligence, I still make mistakes and I accept the losses. And if I sold something to an obvious extra-zero mistake, I'm keeping it. And if they find out I was the one who got their extra-zero Inf, even if it left them penniless, I'm not giving it back. Maybe if there was a software bug or database glitch, I'd relent. But not if someone fat-fingers a zero.


Separately and independent of that, when people express they are inf-poor in game and I think they're being honest about it, I send them money. And I spend my share of time in /help or /general explaining how to spend wisely and earn influence efficiently.


But I believe, that if a player is buying expensive things from the auction, things that take up a significant fraction of their wealth, it's on them to get it right. And better to learn that lesson firmly, and take it to heart, and be more careful in the future. This is part of the fun of the market game.

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