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New Forum Software Appreciation Thread

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Right, so let's keep the number of threads about "yayy" and "yuck" limited, shall we?

I happen to like the new software - especially it's look - so I chose to start the "yayy" side of that.


Post here if you want to give the devs a thumbs-up for choosing to stick with the new forum software.

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2 minutes ago, Vanden said:

The new forums seem fine to me. I don't really understand why they are planning to revert them, but I guess that's just because it hasn't been explained in a way my caveman brain can comprehend.

There were some unforeseen issues, but regardless of what the future holds, we're no longer planning to return to SMF now or in the future.

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1 hour ago, Sunsette said:

I was under the impression the reversion plans were cancelled as of the most recent announcement (checked approximately an hour ago).

I, too, prefer the new forums, with the exception of lacking some way to create tables afaik.

Resolved 🙂

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The new forums will take some getting used to. I am somewhat of a creature of habit, and this is like walking into my living room full of furniture I've never seen before. I will most likely love it after I get used to it 🤔

y0Y5yFQ.png Forever grateful to be back in my city!
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I have been a fan of Invision Community for years even way back during the VBulletin vs IPB days.  I think the COH community will come to really appreciate all the features and options available even if they grumble and wail through this adjustment period.. 


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As someone who uses hexcode to provide visual clues in certain posts, the inability to see which hexcode I used on a previous situation is annoying. I'm fairly good at guestimating, but I prefer not having to. Other than that,


I definitely prefer the darker background, it makes it easier to read. I'm not 100% sold on the visual background either, but overall I think it looks good, and is likely easier for 99% of forum users to use.


The tags may turn out to be a really good thing if more people start using them, and possibly go back and back-tag their posts.


Btw, the hexcode for this background is 1a293b.

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