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Allow Wormhole to work on lvl 54 Bosses

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6 hours ago, pwntoon said:

Yes, incarnate shifts that apply during incarnate trials like BAF, Lamda, etc shift your level (up to 3 levels), and you can therefore TP lvl 55 bosses. However, some trials have mobs which are also level shifted, so it's on a case by case basis which trials you'll be within +2 levels of the mobs.



Also, this affects simple +2 (because some enemies spawn at +3) and above content before level 50.  The thread title is pretty misleading, but catchy.

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Additionally... please fix Teleport Foe, it's hit rate and target eligibility is crap.

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On 9/1/2019 at 2:28 AM, pwntoon said:

Giant Monsters, Monsters, AVs, and Objects, and similar things such as the Rikti Drop Ships are immune to teleport, no matter if you "hit" or "miss"

not true for the giant monsters and AV's.  I distictky remember porting a GM ( think eochai) to stack stun, and he moved!


edit: anyway, yes please, if possible make wormhole a viable power for +4 content.

Edited by Andrewvm
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Oh since it hasn't been said: Starless Step (Warshade's teleport foe).


That means we need a means to boost the teleport mag on Wormhole, TP Foe, and Starless Step.


As I said before maybe an IO that could be slotted into each power as the natural counter to the TP Foe Protection IO's would be pragmatic.


An idea that might help would be possibly reworking the Jaunt IO Set to be:

Jaunt: Teleport Range

Jaunt: Teleport Range/Endurance

Jaunt: +Teleport Magnitude/Accuracy


Set Bonuses:

+2.5% recovery bonus

+7.5% movement speed bonus


Any thoughts on that?

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  • Lead Game Master

Agreed, I'd love to hear some dev or GM commentary.

Devs please fix!

You now have GM commentary.

Yes making teleport work on bosses seems like a great idea. And the fact that teleports already won't work on AVs and giant monsters make it seem like there wouldn't be a problem gameplay wise that I know of.
In any case, a teleport is not an instant win. Even if you can teleport bosses, they still just come back at you.

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On 10/28/2019 at 4:26 PM, Flashtoo said:

Teleport-centric gravity control main here saying YES PLEASE.



I have a teleporter grav controller, too. All the TP powers. All the TP temp powers. All the TP, all the time.


(TP toons, let us disperse!)


My favorite is Wormhole, although I do wish it also got a bit more range. When I wormhole a group up to the top of the sky, some of them arrive back in the fight with enough health to matter.


(Also, Team TP really can freak people out. They've never seen it before!)


Disclaimer: Not a medical doctor. Do not take medical advice from Doctor Ditko. Also, not a physicist. Do not take advice on consensus reality from Doctor Ditko. But games? He used to pay his bills with games. (He's recovering well, thanks for asking!)

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On 4/22/2020 at 4:12 PM, ABlueThingy said:

If two people time their teleports exactly will the combined mag teleport a boss?

All Wormhole targets gain 10000.00% resistance to teleport after the initial hit, so it doesn't seem possible.


I have tried double wormhole-ing targets with a second grav toon but the targets gain the temporary TP res and don't move lol.

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