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Y U Do Dis?


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I got a Numi proc yesterday. 


*hold for applause*


Normally I'll just craft something like that and store it in base, I don't use it all the time but frequently enough that it'd be used soon.


For yucks though, I decided to see how a crafted IO sold vs just the recipe.  I'm neither a terribly active nor attentive marketeer but I've noticed that sometimes exotic crafted IOs are cheaper than recipes and it sure seemed to be the case for Numis, recipes tended to sell for about twice an IO.  So I listed at a fairly hefty price point since there were 0 for sale at that moment.


I checked in today and this is what I see:





Now the point isn't "Look at me I made 10M inf!" but rather it's WHY???!!!??? 


Obviously all of those last 5 sales would have bought an attuned IO.  What are you (whoever "you" may be) thinking to say "You know, I could buy this for 1.5-2M and be done but I'd rather pay more than twice that and then buy the salvage and then craft it."


Anyway, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, thank you, now I can buy 5 attuned versions of this.

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This has been going on on HC all along. There was a while where LOTG unique recipes were 4-5 million more than crafted. Haven't looked lately. I guess there's a large segment still working off live server habits who assume the recipe is always cheaper. 

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It could have been someone trying to set up a low bid of 1 mil and accidentally hit an extra 0. 

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This was the case on Live.  Recipes almost always sold for more than the crafted IO.  When the AH was first starting, crafted IO's were prohibitively expensive to buy off the AH.  I think a lot of folks got into the habit of 'Recipes R Cheaper' and they never did bother going back to check.  Also there is the issue of crafted IO's don't drop so others that don't pay a lot of attention and explore the AH probably don't know that you can buy the crafted IO.


Both issues go back to the lack of any AH tutorial, a horse that was beat into calcium in a Weekly Discussion Topic a few weeks back.  

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The actions on the AH that I see make me ask a lot of questions, as there seems to be very little logic to it. 

Sometimes, the "buy it now" seems to be at play. 
Sometimes, it's an extra 0.
Sometimes, there's a badge pursuit. 
But usually, people are just lazy and/or ignorant. They don't even consider comparing the price between crafted and not. The same folks that spend hours making their costume who tend to be the ones who complain about the price of IOs don't know/care to check the market. 

Love those people. It's their ignorance/laziness that has helped me amass my little pile of influence. 


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Frankly, I barely pay that much attention to that piece from the Numina set but its nice to know that the recipe is (slowly) selling at a better price than the piece itself, should I get the recipe drop. A 2M Inf sale (of the crafted enhancement) allows for a profit in most cases, but I dislike niches where there are 500+ for sale, especially with so many unfilled bids. To me it just looks like people aren't paying attention to that piece, and that it isn't all that important for a majority of builds.

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