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The who am I in game post for Excelsior. :)


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Figured a good way to know who is who and who they are on, lol.  Obviously you don't have to participate, but figured it could give folks ways to seek or not seek folks out. I'll start and feel free to add yours if you want.


My Global is my Forum name, though I'm sure many of you know that by now.  While I have toons spread out on all servers, this X, so I'll list my toons & what not here.  If I say Retired, just means I've cleared all lvl 50 contacts.  This also doesn't cover all other 50s and toons I have on other servers either. While T4 means I have all incarnate powers at T4 range.



Name              Lvl.                   Any other additional Info


  1. Shield Spider (Melee Tank Crab)              50+3 Incarnate.  T4. Retired.   Badger: 949(no rush on this)

  2. JJDrakken (Range Bane)                          50+3 Incarnate,  T4. Retired

  3. Hotdog Cart (Merc/Thermal MM)           50+3 Incarnate.  T4. Retired

  4. Hyoketsu Shogun (Ninja/Cold MM)         50+3 Incarnate.  T4. Retired

  5. Soundstone (Earth/Sonic Controller)        50+3 Incarnate.  T4. Retired

  6. Eli Electric( Elec/Rad Armor Sentinel)        50+3 Incarnate.  T4. Retired

  7. Bully Goat (Rad Armor/SS Tanker)             50+3 Incarnate. T4. Retired

  8. Ionized Force( Elec/Energy Blapper)          50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

  9. Kadrak Flinteye (Axe/Ninjitsu Scrapper)     50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

10. Lucha Libre( SJ/WP Scrapper)                    50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

11. Toiletbreaker (SS/Regen Brute)                  50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

12. Mockingbow (TA/Archery Defender)          50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

13. Space Penguin( Squid/Lobster PB)             50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

14. Trapmaster Voltas (ELC/Traps Controller)   50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

15. Goblin Layer (Invuln/Kin M. Tanker)           50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

16. Metal Mage (Siesmic Blast/FF Corrupter)  50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

17. Pansexual Pagan (BS/Shield Stalker)          50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

18. Ol Doinyo Lengai (FA/IM Tanker)               50+3  Incarnate T4.

19. Inquisitor Minima (BR/Regen Sentinel)      50

20. Synthwave Clockwork (SC/RE Controller)   50

21. Magnetic Mite (GC/SA Dominator)                      50

22. Vengeance Reaver (TW/DA Brute)                        50

23. Vinsaell Einn (Beast/Empathy MM)                      50

24. House Rules (SR/Staff Tanker)                              50

25. Professor Serotonin (EA/RB Defender)                 50

26. Kickin Chicken (MA/EA Scrapper)                        50

27. Darkmire (DB/DM Defender)                              50

28. Detective Necro (Necro/DM  MM)                      50

29. Azule Frostbinder (Demons/Cold MM)                50

30. Rimesnap (IC/SA Dominator)                              50

31. Evolved Devourer (WB/DM Corrupter)               50

32, Lavamancer (FB/DM Corrupter)                          50

33. Night Pouncer (Claws/EA Scrapper)                     50

34. Sigewulf Isvindor (Storm Blast/Cold Corrupter)   50

35. Ser Reverence (Invuln/WH Tanker)                      50

36. Trauma Hound (ELA/EM Tanker)                         50

37. Halcyon Dream (Illusion/Kin Controller)             50

38. Syllogistic Elegy (MC/SA Dominator)                  50

39. Street Beat (Thugs/Sonic MM)                           50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

40. Silvered Clockwork (Robots/FF MM)                  50+3 Incarnate T4. Retired

41. Colton Rayzer (Fortunata)                                 50

42. Cold Phusion (IA/RM Tanker)                            50

43. Blackfire Drake DB/FA Sentinel)                        20

44. Savage Harvest (Plant/SM Dominator)             12

45. Incendiary Shadow (FM/Invuln Stalker)            10

46. Doctor Looney  (Psi Blast/Devices Balster)         8

47. Bobbiecue (FM/ELA Brute)                                6

48. Hersveit  (AR/TA Corrupter)                              5

49. Vespa Spider (Arachnos Soldier)                        5

50. Mud Mage (Earth/SA Dominator)                     5

51. Assault Lad (AC/TA Controller)                         6

52. Lizzard of Oz (IB/SR Corrupter)                        6

53. Jasper Tappingbutts (SJ/EA Stalker)                  5

54. Greystar Hegemony (Mercs/Time MM)           5

55. Shifty Shell Shocked (RB/DA Sentinel)              5

56. Fabius Flamestar (Demons/Thermal MM)        5

57. Silverback Crow   (SS/WP Brute)                      5


My Brother's Account(Dude plays like 3-5x a year for about two days, so I use it as a Secondary account sometimes)


1. Jack O' Radtern (FA/RM Tank)                         50+3 T4 (Farmer)

2. Halcyon Blues (Illusion/Sonic Dominator.        50

3. Sir Scruffy (SM/SA Scrapper)                           50

4. Siberian Eclipse (RoboticsFF MM)                   50 (Technically brothers, but he's not a fan of MMs, so I leveled it)

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While I have too many alts to count across a few servers (levels 2 to 50+ Incarnates), I've refocused on my top mains.  My global is @Twilight Walker.  They are, in no particular order:


Name                                                       Lvl.                      Any other additional Info


1.  Dawn's Requiem (Dark/Dark/Soul Tank)              50+ Incarnate             Badger (Only 600+ right now)

2.  ActiveX (Kin/Rad 'Fender)                                    50+ Incarnate

3.  Slayer of Monsters (Traps/BR 'Fender)                 50+ Incarnate             Badger, Too (700+ right now)

4.  Agelenopsis (Crabbermind)                                 50+ Incarnate

5.  Nuclear Bull (Fire/Rad Tank)                                 50+ Incarnate             Sole Farmer, Gladly Helps Sitters & Hitters (Semi-Retired)


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My characters are mostly lowbies, but here are most of them;

Hero 2

El Otro Fantasma

Sly Old Fox

Johnny Rocketboots


Ray Beam

Roger Beepover

Lightning Quickness

2 Quick

Cosmic Truth

(The) Poseidon Avenger

Heaven's Reaperman



Inferno Contraption




The original Hero 2 in 2008...

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