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Captain Meow, Destroyer of Worlds...


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So this morning, I'm playing solo, doing that story arc from Vincent Ross where you're trying to get the Blood Coral and stomp on the Legacy Chain.


I'm playing a lvl 25 Blaster.  Now, when I run solo, I like to push myself.  I've got my toon kitted out with SO's and three or four nice procs and/or global enhancements (Panacea, Kismet, that sort of thing).  Difficulty is set at +3.  Those red and purple Coralax are NASTY, especially when they start coming in waves.  I die several times, then rethink my approach and start advancing slowly and cautiously, using teleport foe to bring them to me so I can battle them one at a time.


I manage to work my way to the very end of the cavern, to the last Coralax Shaper that I'm supposed to take out, when one of our 3 kittens, Captain Meow, comes barreling into the room, slides across the floor, and slams into the surge protector, tripping the power button and shutting off my computer.  😮


I'm not certain, but I'm beginning to suspect that Captain Meow might be a Longbow Agent...  🤔  

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At least that's not one of the green Wardens.

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