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I need help, I want to mod the sounds for my female Sonic blaster


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Thats it.

I know there are some mods with some more generic sounds, instead the awful horrible sounds, specially for a female sonic blaster. I wish the HC team would change them for females but I just need to have the sounds either removed or changed.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, Vulpoid said:

Female Banshee, second from bottom.

Here's my original thread for it (shameless plug). You can preview the sounds there to see if you like it before you install it. It is also available via the CoH Modder tool if you want an easier install method.

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This fits for both male and female. I see it as you are using the screams of your victims to produce an earth shattering shout. It also is custom made and does not reissue sounds from the game.

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I'm taking a stab at the Sonic set. My goal is to replace them with more wind/breath sounds (like super breath). Other than the in-game sounds, where do you find your sound effects. I'm finding a few sites via the internet, but keep hitting pay sites for seemingly "good" sounds. Any site(s) you recommend?

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