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The Officially Unofficial Weekly Discussion #56: Do you chat in CoX and what channels do you use?


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LFG, broadcast, and help channels for their designated purposes.  Very rarely if I see something that tickles my funny bone, I'll get quippy and snarky. (Wait, is "snarky" copyrighted?)


I hack out and bury Global on every character.  I've seen too much crud in it in days gone by to ever really enjoy it.


On the very rare occasion my one remaining SG mate comes to play I'll use SG chat.


There used to be a channel for those from my home state, which I was happy to chat in, but the concept fell apart.

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Now that I think about it I don't really use in-game chat much these days. I might answer a question in Help and very rarely you might see me recruit for something in LFG. I'm like a secret fairy, or a letter in your mailbox that isn't a debt collector trying to get in contact with the previous tenant!

Mainly on Excelsior. Find me in game @Spaghetti Betty.

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1 hour ago, Techwright said:

LFG, broadcast, and help channels for their designated purposes.  Very rarely if I see something that tickles my funny bone, I'll get quippy and snarky. (Wait, is "snarky" copyrighted?)

…you gotta ask?…

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typically general, lfg if i'm recruiting for something, everlastingtfs, or occasionally my guild global channel. i dont bother with sg chat as that's just a placeholder for all my alts. and occasionally if i'm paying attention i'll look at help. That said I'm more active on the forums than in-game, and I occasionally respond in discord.

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14 hours ago, DougGraves said:

Do you chat with people in CoX?


yep. I do a bunch of chatting. But no so much when in combat and/or when a team has gelled. 


/lfg - for looking for group stuff - mainly if I'm recruiting

/broadcast - for recruiting only

/help - for helping people more than getting help

/team - for chatting with people on the team

/tell - getting a team together, trying to get on a team, and sometimes like a private chat ("brilliant bio", "cool costume", etc.)

/coalition - when characters are in multiple sgs need to communicate with one another when not on a team

/league - when in a league

/sg - rarely

/general - for stuff that shouldn't be in the other channels


If someone posts a reply quoting me and I don't reply, they may be on ignore.

(It seems I'm involved with so much at this point that I may not be able to easily retrieve access to all the notifications)

Some players know that I have them on ignore and are likely to make posts knowing that is the case.

But the fact that I have them on ignore won't stop some of them from bullying and harassing people, because some of them love to do it. There is a group that have banded together to target forum posters they don't like. They think that this behavior is acceptable.

Ignore (in the forums) and /ignore (in-game) are tools to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using them.

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LFG is not for conversations.


Broadcast, local, league, team, and tells are plenty for conversation. I don't step foot in General, ever. Icky.

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15 hours ago, DougGraves said:

Global, help, broadcast, or just LFG for all your chat spamming?  Or even SG chat?


Do you chat with people in CoX?


I'll sometimes try to help (or just comment) in Help, repeat stuff if someone looks like they just came on and are looking for something advertised in LFG. Broadcast is... rare, barring inside a base (like a link to music for an event) or having an RP reason to shout stuff.


Local - most frequent, since RP.


General Chat - gets ripped out and thrown in the fire.


SG and custom channels for various groups get used fairly frequently, usually to say hi and see what else is going on.

Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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Local, Team, Coalition and SG are in the lower window.  This is for Chatting.


Broadcast, LFG, and Zone Event are in Upper window.  This is for information.  re LFG, I respond via tell unless absolutely avoidable


League has its own tab so I stay on target . . . stay on target


General has its own tab so that I get to decide weather or not to involve myself with the noise (sometimes its fun, sometimes I want to put a bullet in my brain pan)

Girls of Nukem High - Excelsior - Tempus Fabulous, Flattery, Jennifer Chilly, Betty Beatdown, Two Gun Trixie

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Several alts and of course my original from live on Freedom, OG High Beam (someone else has her non OG name)

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I occasionally answer something posted in Help, may use LFG to find a team to PUG with, have often deleted General due to the constant chatter hiding more important talk on the other channels.


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This game isn't hard work, it's easy!
Go have fun!
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General chat is not part of my standard setup. I'll have Broadcast, LFG and Local open. I "listen" a great deal more than I chat. Unless I'm on a team, and it's a "snappy" one that gets all (well, any of) my dated references.

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I have done a TON of AE work, both long form and single arc. Just search the AE mish list for my sig @cranebump. For more information on my stories, head to the AE forum sub-heading and look for “Crane’s World.” Support your AE authors! We ARE the new content.

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General gets chucked as soon as a new character sees the light of day, that place is...ew. For chatting? Usually just team/league chat. I'll answer questions in broadcast or maybe throw out what I perceive as witty now and then, but I'm usually a watcher more than chatter. 

Sky-Hawke: Rad/WP Brute

Alts galore. So...soooo many alts.

Originally Pinnacle Server, then Indomitable and now Excelsior

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