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Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 1 Open Beta


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Beta Installation: Homecoming Launcher

Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory)


Hello everyone!


We're incredibly happy to announce that the beta for Page 1 of Issue 27: Second Chances is now available to test on the beta server.


What happened to Page 6 I hear you ask? Well, it was becoming too large to be just a page, and it was also the beginning of a new series of story content, so we decided it should instead be the beginning of the next issue - and thus, Issue 27: Second Chances was born.


Issue 27, Page 1 is in fact so large, that we've put together this post to cover the highlights in case you're too afraid to delve into the gargantuan patch notes thread.


We recommend using the new Homecoming Launcher to access the beta, but if you wish to use a legacy launcher (Tequila, etc), check out this thread.


New Story Arcs: The Graveyard Shift & The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok

Two new story arcs have been added to the game - one for heroes (The Graveyard Shift, level 20-29), and one for villains (The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok, level 30-39). These arcs are the first two instalments of the Freaklok storyline, introducing new contacts, enemy groups, mission maps and several unique mission mechanics!






Costume Editor Update: Asymmetrical Shoulders

After adding asymmetrical gloves and boots in Issue 26, Page 5, we've now expanded the costume creator to also allow asymmetrical shoulder pads. Even more importantly, shoulder kittens are now available for Male and Huge characters... and you can have two of them at the same time!




New Blaster Secondary Powerset: Sonic Manipulation

A new sonic-themed Blaster secondary with fairly well-rounded capabilities. It also features a Migraine mechanic, with many powers in the set having a small chance to inflict a short hold. This chance can be dramatically increased by using Sound Booster, the build up power of the set.




Travel Changes: New Long Range Teleporter Accolade, Base Teleportation Updates and TUNNEL Updates

This patch brings several changes to travel throughout the game.


First of all: the GM-only command /enterbasefrompasscode is no longer available for players to use unconditionally, and can now only be used when you would normally be able to enter a base (whilst near a base portal or after using a base transporter power) or whilst already inside a supergroup base. This means you can still use transport hubs, but you must first gain access to a base normally - through a power or by travelling to a portal.


Next, we've significantly increased the availability and utility of base beacons and base portals:

  • 7 new base beacons have been added for zones in Praetoria and the Shadow Shard
  • 16 new base portals have been added - every zone with a base beacon now also has a base portal
  • Using a teleporter beacon now drops you near the base portal in that zone instead of at a random location on the map
  • Several existing base portals have been moved to more convenient locations

We've also added two new Supergroup Portal powers (one at the Pay 2 Win vendor, one from a day job). These powers allow you to summon a small temporary base portal that anyone can use (similar to an Ouroboros portal). Best of all: You can customize the colour!



Who said size matters?


As part of the rework to the Teleportation pool, Long Range Teleport was removed from the pool, and instead has been reimplemented as an Accolade power. You earn this power by gathering exploration accolades - the first one will unlock the power with that zone as the first destination, and each subsequent one you earn will add that zone to the list of destinations (note that not every zone can be added, see the image below or the patch notes for the full list).




And finally, we've made several smaller improvements:

  • Ouroboros can now be unlocked and accessed from level 1
  • Ouroboros portals now persist for a short while after you leave the zone, and they can be summoned whilst flying!
  • Cimerora can now be unlocked and accessed at level 1 (plus, it's now much easier to access due to several base portals being located at universities)
  • The hero and villain TUNNEL networks have been merged, and TUNNEL can now be used by Praetorians
  • The recharge and cast times of most prestige, temporary and day job teleporter powers (Pocket D VIP Teleporter, Base Transporter, etc) have been reduced

Overall, travel should now be more normalized. Although you can no longer instantly teleport from any location in the world, by using a combination of base portals, prestige powers, and the new accolade, travel around the game is still very fast, with many previously longer journeys (looking at you, Shadow Shard and Cimerora) now being much shorter.


Improvements to Enhancements

We've made a series of improvements to how you acquire, combine, and upgrade enhancements whilst levelling up.


First of all, we've significantly increased the availability of Single Origin Enhancements in the early game: Vendors will sell them from level 5 and story arcs now award SOs instead of TOs or DOs. The low-level SOs sold at Yin's market can now be used by characters of any origin, and are cheaper than SOs from other stores.


Secondly, combining enhancements is now a simpler process: Combining two enhancements will now simply increase the level of the enhancement, rather than creating a X+1 enhancement. This means you can now combine Hamidon, Titan and Hydra enhancements all the way up to level 53.


And thirdly, a feature we initially tested many months ago: the enhancement upgrade button. You can now easily upgrade all of your equipped enhancements directly in your enhancement management screen. This has the same effect as purchasing enhancements 3 above your current level and slotting them over all of your existing enhancements. See it in action below.




And much, much more!

  • Revamps for Energy Melee, Titan Weapons, Trick Arrow, Teleportation and Blaster Secondaries
  • Energy Melee proliferated to Scrappers
  • Expanded support for gamepads
  • 13 new badges
  • A fix for the city map (15 years too late)


Patch NotesBeta Server FAQFeedback Threads | Bug ReportsCharacter Copy


Installation: Homecoming Launcher

Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory)

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Looks amazing!  Thank you so much for the hard work.  For the next project on the list i would humbly like to suggest making a new Control power set.  Control sets literally have the smallest pool to choose from and a bit more variety would be fantastic.  Thanks again for all the hard work you guys do for us!

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What's gonna happen to Gymnastics, if currently you have it slotted for defense, and it'll turn into another power? Is that enhancement gonna implode and disappear or be moved onto the new Agility-replacing-Gymnastics?


Also, any planned fixes to Dark Affinity and Dark Miasma's Twilight Grasp still missing it's visual and audio effects when using color customization option? Currently still acting as if hte power misses every time even if it hits, the audiovisuals aren't playing.

Edited by Night
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First of all: thank you very much for your hard work and dedication to the community. I appreciate everything you guys have done and continue to do.


I however dislike the removal of the SG base teleport. What is the reasoning behind this? It just feels like a removal of a server feature simply to cause travel times to increase.

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6 minutes ago, xl8 said:

Its hard not to feel completely underwhelmed. Too much tinkering under the hood and almost zero (blaster 2ndry) actual creativity.

Yeah.  I can understand how you might feel that you're not getting value for your subscription fee. Oh wait! 🤥

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What was no more, is REBORN!

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2 minutes ago, ScarySai said:

That command's days were numbered from the start. We're getting so many travel powers here that it's a non-issue for all except maybe a Doctor Q.

Yes, I am aware.  However, if there is no simple way to store multiple base pass codes easily instead of needing to cut-paste codes into the portal again, this is a non-starter. 

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  • City Council
1 minute ago, ShardWarrior said:

Yes, I am aware.  However, if there is no simple way to store multiple base pass codes easily instead of needing to cut-paste codes into the portal again, this is a non-starter. 

The existing macros will work if you're standing next to a base portal (including the new summonable mini-portals), or have the window open after using the base transporter power.


Or if you're in a base already, for quick base-to-base movement.

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