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Macros for the Masses(and keybinds too!)


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On 4/28/2021 at 4:35 PM, EnnVee said:

this looks like where I need to post..... kinda long story into a question, here we go

My SG does a monthly in SG costume contest, I have a Character that needs to say certain phrases and then change costumes. Is there a macro string that can be written for each costume change along with each section of her "speech" I have been through this entire thread and I guess I just got overwhelmed by it cause Im more confused now than before I started looking for an answer ........ PLEASE HELP ME ! the costume changes are for slots 1 through 4, 4 being her main look, 1-3 are the speech and looks that require macros for faster changes. If you need more info to help me, please send a PM !


Here are a few specific example macros from the Wiki that sound like they would fit your situation:

/macro cc1 "em none$$cce 0 ccspin$$l Wheeee!"

Clears any emote/combat stance, then changes into costume slot one with the Spin CCE, while saying "Wheeee!" in local chat.

/macro cc2 "em none$$cce 1 cclightning$$l Kablam!"

Clears any emote/combat stance, then changes into costume slot two with the Lightning CCE, while saying "Kablam!" in local chat.

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I'm having issues with a particular bind for some reason and wondering if it's just a limitation I was unaware of…


I cannot seem to combine a costume change emote (cce) with loading a bind file (bind_load_file).


The idea is an animal alt which, say, has a wolf and a bird form. When I switch to wolf form, the costume chages, with emote, and the travel power binds to my mouse buttons would switch to Beast Run and Sprint via loading/over-writing the existing binds. When switching to bird form, same idea, only now is hover/fly.


Tried cce, then bind_load_file (using $$ to separate of course), also tried loading first, then emoting. In both cases the first half works, the second half does not. Seems I can emote or load, but not both in a single keystroke?

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I have a question.  I've done a little looking around but haven't had any luck.  Is it possible to set the color of a macro button when you create it?  I know we can use icons, but I'd like to change the color while naming them the way it's normally done.  Thanks!

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Was reading this thread.. Seen something on Oil Slick but didn't work.. Figured I would post up what is working 


/macro OIL "target_custom_near oil slick$$powexec_name Apprentice charm"  - It was the Under Score between Oil Slick and Apprentice Charm that was the issue..  You need the Quotes.. 



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So I'm trying to create macros to turn on and off my sprint and ninja run this is what I typed...


/macro M-On "powexec_toggleon Sprint$$powexec_toggleon Ninja Run"

/macro M-Off "powexec_toggleoff Sprint$$powexec_toggleoff Ninja Run"


The M-Off seems to work all the time but the M-On only works on one of the powers but I have to press it again for it to turn the second power on. What am I doing wrong?

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Macros and binds will only allow one power to be executed per button push, but they will allow multiple powers to be turned off with one button push. If you hit the M-On macro a second time, it should toggle on the second power.


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