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Biggest meme builds


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Because I'm bored, I wanna know what the biggest meme archtype and powerset combinations are to role some toons (and suffer from alt-itis). Yes, I know that every powerset has it's strength and weaknesses... but I'm sure there are plenty of builds that are considered memey or worse than the rest. So, feel free to add anything that would be:


1: Considered generally bad or outclassed by other combos

2: Is counter intuitive or considered not a strong powerset combo

3: Extremely gimmicky

4: Can maximize knockback, since we know how much people love knockback

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Well, at least one or two people are doing poolboys (mostly power pools versus primary/secondary.)


Also people need to not freak out about and/or learn to use knockback.

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Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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Not as bad as the petless Mastermind, but for a short while in the MM sub-forum there were a few of us who experimented with the "Boy and his One Big Robot" meme. The concept should be obvious, but it was to have a Robotics/ Mastermind where you only had the Assault Bot out helping you.


I have a lvl 50 Robots/Traps with a lot of INF, so I rolled an alternate build into this. Robotics is essentially an AoE attack primary, so performance is terrible.


As part of the build, I did take the other pets to hold unique IO pieces and for set bonuses. I tried to squeeze out as much -Res and -Def as I could, but simply clearing missions with only the one henchman was painful. The only thing I didn't do with that build that might have helped a little was that I didn't try to convert the MM attacks into using as many %damage procs as possible.


As for the Maximum Knockback: I have a Controller concept that was intended to pursue victory and demonstrate his own ineptitude by:

  • making people fall down/up
  • paralyze folks with shock
  • confuse friends into fighting each other

This was the origin of my Mind/Posion/Primal Controller. In practice: I was sad to see that (Primal) Energy Torrent was only Knockdown, as opposed to the temp Plasmatic Taser attack which causes Knockback. This build does allow for a whole lotta %procs (2 cones, 3 Holds plus a Hold trap, debuffs) and has become a reasonably effective offensive character.

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I thought about doing an energy/martial blaster as that sounded like it could be fun, but a bit at odds with itself since martial wants to be in melee and energy (without kb to kd io's) shoots everything away from you.

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I primarily play on Everlasting, but you may occasionally find me on Indom. 🙂

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I thought the title said "Biggest Mama Builds". I came here with entirely different expectations.

Check out my stories in the Mission Architect. Just search for "@Take One" or "SFMA". Here are some enticing titles:

  • Praetoria-related: Earth Revolution Red, Earth Revolution Blue
  • Mercenary Action: West Libertalia: Born And Raised, West Libertalia: Global Empire, West Libertalia: Love And Rockets
  • Soldier of Arachnos Arcs: The Tangled Weave, A Taste For Evil, Faultline By Night, The Warburg Connection,
  • Various: Project Dragon, Evolve Or Die, The Murders in the RWZ Morgue, The Last Crystal Out Of Cimerora
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I think Energy Blasters fit what you're looking for.  They're sterotyped as being unfriendly to teams.  Even the game gives these powers to Fusionette to go along with her annoying personality. 

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You could also do a dark/dark build and make your toon some vampiry evil shadowy embodiment of darkness.   In a different game I once used the name Darkidy Dark Shadowpants using this concept.


Active on Excelsior:

Prismatic Monkey - Seismic / Martial Blaster, Shadow Dragon Monkey - Staff / Dark Brute, Murder Robot Monkey - Arachnos Night Widow


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Hmmm sets using nothing but cone attacks and melee powers.  Just loves hopping in and out of melee, bonus if no new Teleport powers to help and/or all the cones are different ranges.


Storm/Energy knockback and general chaos can ensue.


I found an Ice/Sonic controller near impossible to level solo ... end use rough in part owing to lack of damage to defeat anything in a reasonable timespan.  When feeling a bit masochistic I'd like to try it again see if I can't make it work (procs changes, p2w powers, etc.)


Don't think I've ever seen a 'petless' controller (post 32 of course, 😜).


Idle thoughts about character with as many pets as possible but isn't an actual pet AT (no Controller, Dominator or MM need apply).


Edit:  Maybe Dark/Electric --> Dark Servant, Sparky, Patron pet then add in RV heavy, vanguard heavy, Shivans, warwolf whistle, signature summons? (never had one -- combat pet, yes?)

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On 12/25/2020 at 7:15 AM, blue4333 said:

Empathy defenders that take the entire medicine pool along with no powers taken from the secondary other than the first mandatory power. Oh and they usually have the flight pool and are of Magic origin.

The more updated iteration takes the Sorcery Pool for Ward to add another heal, on top of full Medicine, and Teleport Target. 


Bonus points for not taking Leadership. 


Extra bonus points for stocking up on revive and healing temp powers. 


SUPER bonus points if you get super offended when people try to give you constructive criticism on your build.  

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