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Craft & Convert: Detailed Step-by-Step Guide


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I know this is somewhat of a necro, but I have to say thanks for this guide. 

Ive been trying to find ways to fund all my alts with even just basic IOs. I have a ton of alts so that turns into a ton of IOs to craft. 

First, I just did ticket boss farming in AE to buy rare salvage to sell on the market.  

Second, I farmed Summer Blockbuster to sell overwhelming force enhancements.


Third, I farmed merits with Smoke and Mirrors to buy converters and then sell them. 


Each method was more successful than the last. Then I happened upon this guide. Not sure how I missed it for so long. I tried this method starting with 20m on a toon. In two days that 20m has turned into 300m with about another 25m still on the market. I know others probably can make way more faster, but this is insane for me.

I did spend probably 4 hours total on it, but that is starting with zero knowledge prior to reading this guide. I’ve been getting faster and more adept with the market in just two days. And I’ve probably made almost as much inf in these two days as I have with all the other methods combined. 


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I see the Market as a mini-game in the game. It's turning into a City of Spreadsheets. 


I love it! Though I'm bad at it. Just can't seem to get over the hump where the Inf start to multiply on it's own. 🙂



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22 minutes ago, Bros Ex Machina said:

Probably I'm doing somethin wrong but, even if I list enhancements at a lower price than the last ones were sold, most of them aren't sold.

Anyone can help me understanding what I'm doiing wrong please?


My advice:  Just list everything at 1 insp.  You'll lose money sometimes but, overall, you'll still turn a tidy profit.  No hassle and you can get back to playing the game right away.

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