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  1. I made one once. Deli owner in FF whose business went south after Devouring Earth attacks. Hammy Don's Deli just couldn't last long after that...
  2. Character slots? Sure. AE story arc slots? Sure. Enhancement slots? No. Besides, it would probably break something silly, like suddenly trying to use Brawl makes you fall down.
  3. Personally, I'd be fine with a "less invisible" stealth. I probably wouldn't use it, but I *would* want to be able to see that one of my teammates is "stealthy" (see also "Don't follow the stalker.") That's pretty much the only balance I'd be concerned about with it (balance between "I want to see my costume" and "show I'm invisible/stealthy," that is.)
  4. Something learned: My notebook, at half and across the room, is louder doing this than my desktop two feet from me...
  5. So how much of a reduction in strength are you willing to give for that big of a cut in recharge?
  6. The ship on these incarnate powers sailed *Long* ago. Personally, I think after Alpha they should've been much lower powered outside of Incarnate content, but... *shrug* It is what it is, and 5 minute ITFs are a norm.
  7. The only things I can point out to people wanting to delete characters due to changes are: 1. Things will keep changing. 2. You have 1000 slots. Shelving? Sure. Put it away a while. Much easier to unretire than recreate. 🙂
  8. Er... no. Some individual sleep powers (such as salt crystals) need a rework, sure. That one's been skippable since live. Sleep as a whole... not so much. You'll find a lot of annoying defenses, especially those that use dispersion bubbles, are vulnerable to sleep. Hold bounces off status protection? Use a sleep. Even if the NPC is attacked immediately after, breaking the sleep, there's a delay until they can recast that. On my mind control characters, sleep is pretty much useful through their entire career, from Posi 1's ruin mages through MLTF/RecTFs and putting chained AVs to sl
  9. They tried breaking it once, when they were going to "redo" Patron pools, removing "unused"/"underpowered" powers and replacing them. Due to the feedback, torches and pitchforks, they started adding a fifth power instead. There may have been boiling oil or tar and feathers threatened a few times, too.
  10. My only complaint with Poison is the speed of the toss-heal. Either it needs to be faster or heal more to make up for the time it takes.
  11. Sleeps are probably underrated, actually. They take effect at times regular holds and other controls don't... I'm seeming to recall "shutting down dispersion bubbles" being one of them.. (Which makes me kind of shake my head at saying mind needs a tweak - it's a pretty powerful control set.) I wouldn't argue with a "secondary effect" - a few seconds of -acc makes sense, hard to aim while you're still yawning, for instance.
  12. Not in faultline, though I forget the level range. It's the Wheel of Destruction arc. Banished Pantheon everywhere. Unless there's another arc I'm not aware of.
  13. Wormhole's cheating somewhat.... But still fun.
  14. Shouldn't be anything to keep it from happening. All you need is something with KB (and if you're truly dedicated, lots of KB enhancement.)
  15. Possibly more noticeable outside, but if they're falling behind on your teams enough for you to notice - well, I suppose it would depend on the leash "length." It would have the side benefit of pulling the pet to you if the reason they're falling behind is getting stuck on/in geometry, as well. Edit: Though I wonder if a pet "speed buff" would also help things like group fly - though I'm thinking more MMs there.
  16. Hmm. Give them a MM-style leash? If they fall too far behind they teleport next to you? (I wouldn't *argue* with the speed increase, mind you.)
  17. Thus the "most" in my statement. (And I hate counting seekers in any attack chain. Since I've had them just float around sitting on an enemy's head without exploding through a fight. I'd be happy to drop three exploding seekers for one essence-type pet.)
  18. Might be pet specific, I'm remembering them being fairly close (barring using travel powers to cross a zone or something.) Or just my perception. *shrug* I just seem to recall them usually being there, but standing two feet behind me watching me fight.
  19. I'd say that's covered in " Use of these characters in Architect Entertainment and character backstories is permitted "
  20. The pet *speed* is just fine. The problem is that you have to drag the pet into its aggro range - since it tends to be following you (and will sit there out of range because it doesn't "see" the targets.) Bigger issue with Ice and Earth, I think, than something like SIngularity (more ranged than malee.)
  21. To which my response tends to be "So don't knock them back every which way." Don't jump into the middle of a group and hit it. If I'm in Nova, I tend to be blasting downward if I'm on a team. Human or dwarf? From the edge inward or edge toward a wall. Single target knockback? Usually I'm focusing on a target. I knock it back (often a Quantum on a kheld,) it's mine, the tank/brute/scrapper has the rest of the group to deal with and shouldn't be complaining that I used "omg knockback!" because it's not affecting them. Just like "Don't kill the toggle anchor first," it's d
  22. I hated having to grind the trials when they first came out. I do not want to be forced into trials to get incarnate components. I don't generally *like* trials. No discrimination against people who prefer playing other content.
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