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The Officially Unofficial Weekly Discussion #58: Oroboros - do you use it for flashback missions?


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9 hours ago, DougGraves said:

You can do missions as you level or pick them up later with Oroboros.


9 hours ago, DougGraves said:

Do you have a preference?  Do you use Oroboros to do missions you missed?


So I'm a character conception player and an alt-jumper.

I usually don't go "back in time" to alter their timeline. They experience what they experience while they level.


From time to time, I do go back and do content that I missed, but it is rare and has usually been Striga Island content.


9 hours ago, DougGraves said:

I don't see many people teaming using Oroboros missions - is that something you would do?



Ouroboros missions are like a mini taskforce. You do get some merits in the ends, but it isn't like it is a weekly.

I guess they could be recruited for like a taskforce, but I don't see that being done.

Maybe it should be as that is a good way for everyone doing the arch to get credit for the completion as everyone starts at the beginning during the play through.


I have teamed with other people doing Ouroboros missions but usually with sg mates and not PuGs.

I think I might have done one PuG Ouroboros arc. I wouldn't be opposed to running other PuG Ouroboros arcs.

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Rarely do flashbacks on my own. I team with Blapperella every time I see them advertising for OG TFs, though.

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I absolutely do them, especially to do the Gold side content. Not to be missed.

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Very often, although I prefer to do a lot of it outside of Oro while leveling up as it feels more 'natural'.   Impossible to do even close to everything without it though unless you turn off xp gain all the time.


Also virtually almost always solo.  They are hard to recruit for since they are run like task forces and for that people generally just want to do the regular task forces.

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  • DougGraves changed the title to The Officially Unofficial Weekly Discussion #58: Oroboros - do you use it for flashback missions?

Generally I'd only use flashbacks just to grab a badge/accolade if needed, so not very often.


On my first hero and villain toons I did flashback most or all of the arcs available at that time but nowadays I don't spend enough time on each alt to do that. It also makes the leveling up experience more replayable since I can pick different paths for each alt (instead of playing everything with every alt). 

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My main uses of Ouro;


1) Flashback badge collecting 


2) Goldside (all) when doing a Red/Blue/Gold all content completionist run


3) Unlocking KHTF


4) Random badges


5) travel hub


6) incarnate vendor


7) zones that cannot be reached except thru Ouro for badges/merits/teamming

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I mainly just PUG, and I've been on a team or two that use it for that.  Even though I don't use it much, I'm glad it's there, in case some people will look up from yet another Yin speed-run and think "is this all there is to this game?"  😃

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I run my alts to 50 on xp teams, kit them out, then run them through the Oro arcs from 1-50 so I can play with full slotting and have an enjoyable time instead of the leveling slog.


Also for badges and missable content.

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There is an O port in my bases for flashing back. It's there for the convenience of getting those badges, souvenirs (as discussed last week), kill counts, named boss' and for fun (as Force Redux says). There are some players who regularly play SIS P and Posi TF's and other arcs through Ouro almost daily.


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Nearly every character I have does the Spelunker flashback mission for the Atlas Medallion

I'll also use it to get Anti-Matter for Portal Jockey ( and to get Shrouded and Multidimensional. )

I used it once to farm Fake Nemesis robots with some level 40 arc.

And occasionally I solo the old Positron Task Force via Flashback.


I've contemplated running a solo arc like Freakalympics sometimes, but I don't think I've ever actually done it.

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I use Ouro for flashbacks, as well as for the TFs only available there. Teaming via Ouro for content that will take more than an hour (i.e., long story arcs) is problematic with PUGs. I've done it with my SG.

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On occasion, yes, solo.

More often with teams, though.


Edit: Preference-wise, yeah, I honestly prefer to do things as I level. The whole thing about which contacts I choose, which groups I face, etc. being part of that character's "story."

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I use it maybe once a month on average. Usually for goldside arcs, more rarely for red or blue arc.

I would miss the flashback system a lot if we didn't have it, even though my usage frequency is low. Because the thing is, even though my craving for any particular old arc rarely pops up... well, when it does pop up, I crave it NOW, not in a few days or however long it would take me to unlock that same arc on a level-appropriate character.

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I use it quite a bit (either in Ouro itself or using base crystal).  For me I run all of my toons through missed content.  Some I use an origin angle like my Tech Shooter Trinity Six doing Techy missions (Clockwork, Sky Raiders, Freaks, Crey), my magic users of course are pounding CoT and BP.  Naturals and story based ones often hammer the Hellion/Skull/Troll/Family/Tsoo/Warrior material.


Obviously there are also the badges, even to my non-badge collectors there are some that you probably missed and have to flashback (Spelunker, Hydra Dimension) and I generally make it a point to run most of the Accomplishment Badges.


Ouro allows me to experience old content (a lot of which I can do blindfolded) with new characters whose powers and play yield a different experience (and an occasional faceplant - Negotiator mission where enemies are Orange and you are a Controller).


Teaming in Ouro is obviously less common because its like a TF and thus cannot pick up mid stream.  There are players who very frequently run OG Positron and Psyche and call team forms.  Occasionally someone will call a Silos (for the Jade Spider) or meet there for an SBB or something like that.  Almost all of my level 50's are parked there due to my use of Flashback and ease of getting to teams running elsewhere.


Improvements.  Personally I would like to see the outbound O-Portal have Skyway, Steel and Bricks added to match where people issuing core TFs are located as they do the V side.

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Heather skews my "play time spent in flashback" percentage in a big way.  Even without Heather I do use it quite a bit, most notably for badges needed for accos, temp powers and opening content.  As a matter of fact I was on a team last night that did Talshak's arc in flashback to open up Cavern but teaming is indeed very rare, unless I can count multi-boxing Heathers as teaming.

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I do Ouro missions sometimes.  There is a problem with doing longer arcs.  The flashback mechanism is structured as a task force, which means once the arc has started, you can no longer add people, which you could have done if you had done the "real" arc earlier.  This makes it awkward to do with random pick-up group unless you luck out and everyone who starts can stay through the end.


I'm not sure, but if everyone in your team gets the arc reward merits, that might offset the not-invite issue.  In normal missions, only mission holder gets the arc merits.

-- Rock

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3 hours ago, cohRock said:

I'm not sure, but if everyone in your team gets the arc reward merits, that might offset the not-invite issue.  In normal missions, only mission holder gets the arc merits.

That's true, everyone does get the arc rewards.


And yes, that seems to be my main use of Ouro is to get Spelunker and opening up some of the other TFs like Katie & Hess.

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