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Hi there 😀 My first base is the SG The Resplendent Rebels. Indom. The passcode is REBEL-7999. The base is a secret city constructed for Heroes and Villains. There is a secret cave entrance that leads to a large courtyard in the Neutral zone. The Neutral zone has several buildings one of which is a grand conference room divided into Hero and Villain sides. Above this room are portals leading to separate Hero and Villain areas. 

The second is the SG The Watchers of Whisper Woods. Indom. Passcode is WHISPER-8284. It's set in a cabin in an enchanted woods. Almost everything in the cabin is a functional part of the base. The animals at the top of the hill are the  trainers etc. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your interest!

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We have 4 MAZES:

A Garden Maze, a Water Maze, a 3D Fire Maze and a Labyrinth. 
We also have a Fashion Show Runway for Costume Contests.

My new base:

Land of the Gods / Atlantis themed base with a Glass Palace overlooking the ocean at night and a lower level where the gods play. :)

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The expansion of the "Steel Transit Authority" base is now open to the public.  What was once a quick travel base (still is) is now also an entire city and transit hub in the Shadow Shards.  The water there can transport you.  Please feel free to explore.  There are hidden/secret areas to find.  (I am still working on the "innards" and adding a few details here and there.)


Passcode:  STA-8822 (Torchbearer)



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