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Top 5 toons

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My altitus is almost cleared up and am now trying to pick a stable of regular playable toons. Wanted to know everyone's top 5 toons based off of dps, survivability, and most importantly fun factor. 

Mine are:

spines/fire brute - farmer

fire/fire blaster - crazy damage

earth/earth Dom - solid control, great damage

ice/ice dom - aoe madness, so much fun

ss/inv brute - unkillable


I have so many more toons that I like, but i would say those are my top 5.

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My current Top 5:

Water/Poison Corruptor - My fun to play debuffet

Darkness/Plant Affinity Controller - My krazy kudzu

Savage Melee/Dark Armour Brute - My Ex-Destroyer Loyalist

Ice Blast/Kin Corruptor - My frozen frog

Kin/Archery Defender - Last but certainly not least, my namesake, first character on Legacy and first 50


Honourable Mention:

Savage Melee/Bio Brute - My first really tanky-ish type character, except for my Ninja Stalker on Legacy I didn't play too many melee characters so I'm still getting used to how to play this one.

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Invuln/Dark Melee tanker - the 'complete tanker' package.  No real holes because of the self heal in the middle of the attack chain.

Ice/Plants blaster - built to be of maximum use in Hamidon raiding. 

Archery/Devices blaster - a much more traditional DPS oriented blaster and stealthist.

Dual Blades/Fire Armor brute - supplies any missing salvage and gives everyone else the minimal inf they need by running AE, quite adequate in other content that doesn't specifically disfavor melee. 

Kinetic Melee/Radiation Armor scrapper - a speedster concept.


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Fire/Time Blaster - Because Nukes! Seriously good damage tho

Katana/WP Scrapper - Love this guy on speed runs

Savage Melee/ Invul Stalker - Savage Leap may be my favorite attack in the game

Rad Armour / Martial Tank - Because sometimes ya just need a tank


Lastly I can't decide between my 2 Controllers...Fire/Kin or Plant/Storm both a lot of fun.

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Fire Fire Fire Blaster because sometimes you really need to bring the rain

Dark Dark Dark Defender something really is watching from the shadows

Warmace regen brute just one of the most viscerally satisfying powersets in the game

TriForm PB and WS the dynamic action of the two power sets is a rush to play

Fire Rad Fire controller when you need something debuffed and dying in short order nothing says it like FLAMING MONKEYS

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I have 10s of great toons,  top of mind, all unstoppable in their own rights:

fire/atomic blaster (softcapped to most typed, fun and fast)

fire/time corr (Softcapped positionals, great buffs, debuffs)

Nature/water defender (melee and ranged softcapped, great buffs and debuffs, 2 heals)

Poison/sonic defender (close to 150% -res opportunity against targets)

stone/granite tank (39.5 mph in granite, defense and res softcapped)

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My main (Kaikara) is a KinMelee/Bio Stalker... Tough enough to handle just about anything I throw her into, fast, solos or teams equally well and hits like an absolute sack of bricks. She's one of my most versatile characters.


My favorite Defender (Graceful Ivory Mask) is a Time/Dark... I can afford to be fearless with her. She lives her life on the front lines, jumping into groups right beside her brute and scrapper friends. It's a crazy way to play a support character, but she's good at it and it's great fun.


My favorite blasty/ranged-type (Tavaris) is a Dark/Bio Sentinel... He's not a high-damage character by any means, but as I've said many times here and elsewhere, being in his way is like being in the path of a glacier. He's slow, but there's just not a thing the goons can do to stop him. I typically off-tank with him. 


My favorite "front-line heavy-hitter" (Semnai) is a Bio/Broadsword Brute... She was my farm-runner before I actually built a dedicated farmer. She's another nearly-unstoppable character who can make a mess of almost anything.  She ends up playing Tank most of the time when she's teamed, but does enough damage that she also solos really well. 


… and then there's my favorite farmer (Haroeris… "Harry" to his friends), a Fire/Claws buzzsaw of a Brute… I'm one of those weirdos who actually enjoys plowing through farm maps, so when I made a dedicated farmer, I made an active-only proc-monster who traded some security for sheer, destructive speed.  Think "Tasmanian Devil". On fire. I just have a great time with him, even though all he typically does is tear through fire-flinging cosplayers. 


ETA: I'm also going to include a pair of "honorable mention" characters, just because they're favorites on the roleplay side of things... Dorian (Gentleman Spectre) Stanton, the Psi/WP Scrap, and my "manifested thorn-blade" Katana/WP Scrap (Xhelethe). Neither of them are quite the powerhouses some of my other characters are, but as roleplayed toons they make up what they lack in mechanical superiority by sheer force of personality.  



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"Meta" I know. I know. I know. 


*Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster - Duh? Theme and main. Hits hard, is my favorite of all toons ever made. 

*Fire/Cold Corruptor - She's the perfect speed-enhancing force multplier for teams. She brings a LOT of -res because of Cold, and hits HARD with Fire Blast (she's brings -104% res to a team along with having Fire Blasts with Scourge!)

*TW/Bio Scrapper - I want to hate it for being so "meta" but... it's grown on me. I love her, she just makes the game go quick and amazing, she's a tank with Confront for taunts, I literally can't complain about her in any aspect.

*Dark/Energy Dominator - Excels where I need her to. She brings very long-lasting hold's and hits very hard due to the lovely Energy Assault secondary. ❤️Whether ST for the confuse, or locking down swarms of enemies, she's able to provide it all with the damage to back it up. 

*Nature/Sonic Defender - Easily one of the most fun characters I've ever made. I bring her to iTrials constantly. She is the main healer in almost every group I enter, she brings so much team utility (-125% res, +101.25% damage buff to all allies in OG + assault, 22.73% res to all damage, massive absorbs, and a LOT of healing... she's a team powerhouse!) doesn't do any real damage directly but that's fine when everyone else is buffed and the enemies and crippled! 🙂 I get soooooooo many compliments on teams with her!

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Dark/Dark/Pyre Tanker - The ebil d00d

Thugs/EA/Mace Mastermind - EA is really good

Dark/EA/Mace Corruptor - Yeah, EA is really fun, for realz

Fortunana Widow - She does everything

Crabmind/Mu Soldier - Pew! Pew! Pew! Bang! Boom! *skitter* *skitter*

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I only have five characters, all on Everlasting.


Blue Starstrike - Tanker. Invulnerbility, super strength.

Mike Morbid - Stalker. Dark melee, dark armour.

Photinus - Sentinel. Energy blast, energy aura.

Xerioux - Defender. Empathy, electrical blast.

Wild Whisper - Mastermind. Beast mastery, nature.

For the scarifying misadventures of Mike Morbid, go to Twitter and look for @JMikeMorbid

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Boy this list changed quite a bit with Homecoming vs Live but....


DP/MC Blaster....Ki a Boss across room and while he slo-mo flys away shoot him dead.  A3on Flux.


TW/Bio Scrapper....it’s OP broken in so many deliciously good ways and it’s fun to have a 7-member somewhat supportive audience while I basically solo the entire mission while they watch.


AR/Tactical Arrow Blaster.  Rambo never had it this good.


Fire/Storm/Dark Corruptor.  One person wrecking crew.  Hold my beer.


Tie for Thugs/Storm and Thugs/Time MM.  Both with Burnout for double everything.  Nice to have my own private army.  Fun to watch the Tank say “so why am I here?”

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Acrobattle: Staff/ ninj NR with Sprint and secondary quickness/leaping power means he really gets around without a true, dedicated travel power. Plus, the moves look like break dancing


Whipsmart: Rad/atomic blaster. Feels almost like running a def Rad/Rad.


Acroblade: DB/SR stalkier: soloed mostly. Enjoyed the alpha strike and combos.


Gym Beam: BR/SR Sentinel. Cowboy laser!


Major Viktory: SJ/WP scrapper. Because CRACK! (I like the animations and sound effects) 🙂

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My picks: 

  1. Mind/Kin Controller.  He was my main in LIVE, still among my favorites to play. Extremely capable soloist.  When flashbacked to low levels his damage output isn't so great, but if I have access to Fulcrum Shift, that's another story.  Mass Hyp, Fulcrum Shift for 10 stacks, backpedal, Terrify or Mass Confuse and begin his single target rotation.  Quite able to bring lockdown or buffs for whatever the team needs.  Initially I chose the powerset combination because it seemed closest to an EverQuest Enchanter (of what existed in issue 0) and have enjoyed him ever since.
  2. Spines / Regeneration Stalker.  My main "Rogue" villain.   Runs around with ~ 50% smashing/lethal resist on top of his regen, and 20% defenses for melee/ranged.  Insanely durable. I have no hesitation soaking alpha strikes on him if the team has no tank, and he just destroys.  RP wise he is the Unkillable Man.
  3. Plant / Psionic Dominator.  Has become my main villain.  Did I mention I love Confuse?  Well, yea. Plant.  is Permadom'd and is just a force of incredible destruction, team or solo.  Very durable with Drain Psyche, and has enough recharge to keep two Spirit Trees rolling.  Psi Shockwaves, and perma'd Carrion Creepers all day long. 
  4. Assault Rifle / Martial Combat Blaster.  Yea yea, I know.  No Aim. No Build Up. I'm Doing It Wrong. I hear that.  It's still the most fun blaster I've ever played.  Between Burst of Speed and Speed of Sound / Jaunt, she can bamph around the battlefield to unleash kicks or bamph around for snipes and cones and general blasting. I really really love the Run-and-Gun-and-Boot-to-the-Head feel of this character.
  5. Beast Mastery / Empathy Mastermind.  Was originally created to be a silly character, just to name the Beast Mastery pet cutesy pet names, like Daisy, Buddy, Lily, Fluffy, Mittens, and Mr Snuggles, and then to top it off, I took Boxing AND Kick AND Crosspunch.  And... holy crap, it works.  Tankerminding, spreads teh damage out to all my pets, easily healed with healing aura, and we charge right for Great Justice all of us meleeing away. Use of the fighting pool turned her from being a completely passive actor to something much more fun, and the 40% Knockdown chance on Kick equates to pretty good damage mitigation.  It's not hard to keep the buffs going whether soloing or on teams (maybe playing a Mind/Kin for so long trained me to handle a bazillion click powers...), and I'm very happy with this character.
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Hmmm... lets see?


Cinder Decay Fire/Rad troller...my main and badger

Cinder B Decay Fire/Atomic Blaster

Cinder Br Decay Fire/Rad Brute

Cinder C Decay Fire/Rad corr the evil Cinder Decay

Cinder S Decay Fire/Rad Sent

Cinder Sr Decay Fire/Rad Scrapper

Cinder T Decay Fire/Rad Tank


hmmm there seems to be a trend here.


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Fortunata - honestly, I don't understand why they're so unpopular as I think they're up there as one of the best builds in the game at any level. There's no "well, it becomes viable at level 32" - it was awesome from the very start, even if you did have to pretend to be a scrapper for a few levels. Well-balanced powersets with a little bit of everything and the damage to back it up. The massive, low endurance cost passive toggles mean every team you play with is better, which makes levelling a strangely serene experience. They're a strange midpoint between a dominator and a scrapper and they take the best of both. I can merrily chip away at +4 AVs on my fortunata. 


Peacebringer - I really like peacebringers, but I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that they're a somewhat mediocre base class and they were the first casualties of the IO set war. In the pre-IO game, being a blaster that could tank was something special and it legitimately felt powerful. Now, everyone is rocking scrapper-level defences peacebringers peak and plateau much too early. They were just outpaced by the wild, chaotic swinging of the game balance planning. 


Broad Sword/Shield Stalker - it's just really solid. Stalkers started off as quite a poorly designed AT, but since they're revamp they're basically more powerful scrappers but at a cost of a slightly different rotation and about 150 hit points. The ATOs are one of the few that add mechanics to an AT and push them even further. 


Storm/Water Defender - normally, I'm against breaking builds with recharge because I think it trivialises a lot of the game by turning a Sometimes power into an Always power, but this was my experiment with seeing how much I could break storm with recharge procs and the answer is a lot. Water is possibly the most flexible blast set, having a lot of soft control and a heal built in. Whirlpool and Freezing Rain come in within 2 levels of each other and work in synergy. You do end up filling the entire screen with particle effects, though. 


Dark/Dark/Soul Tanker - Cloak of Fear is such a glorious power and I really don't get why people don't like it. A fear is just below a hold in terms of utility as it basically lowers attack rate to once every 5 seconds. Lots of protection, endurance is manageable with IOs, a decent damage aura and it's quite proc-friendly. 

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Out of my 40+ toons I only have 5 level 50s all of which are should be all T4 with their main slots, all are heroes or greys:


Liege Cheetatron X - Bots/Traps/Mu a carry over from live in which this was the the third toon in my "Cheetatron" series & the one i'm happiest with, it was the first combo I ever used that was able to solo an even level AV/Hero & the only one I had done that on during Live

Main enemies: High Tech Societies/Cabals


Envoy of The Heavens - Time/Sonic/Soul less a heavy hitter and more of an amazing force multiplier, I also had this combo on live but the game sunsetted before i got to incarnate the toon

Main enemies: Those that abuse Magics


Hyori - StJ/Nin/Mu Scrapper it punches NPCs in the face real good & has resistances & tools that make soloing Psi AVs & others quite manageable

Main enemies: Psionic Villains, & Underworld Organizations


Slayer of Monsters - TW/Rad/Soul Scrapper i think this is an underrated combination, great resistances, absorb combined with lots of Melee def from TW allowing you to pursue Ranged & AOE Def through IOs while everyone goes gaga for TW/Bio

Main enemies: Banished Pantheon & Supernatural Monsters


Fugitive Hunter - Psi/Dark/Soul Brute I intended for this toon to more or less be in lock step with Hyori but this ended up the last of these to get to 50 but the one I ended up playing the most, I really loved Soloing the Praetorian AVs in Maria's arc

Main enemies: Inter-dimensional threats


Lately I have been playing my lowbies, bringing up the next class of future 50s

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My only concern is fun factor frankly. Now granted weak characters tend to not be fun to play, however i dont need to be the min/maxed meta build to have fun either.


1. Always and forever my first toon, and first remake toon QuiJon Energy/Energy Blaster.

2. Ewok King Plant/earth/ice perma dom.

3. Flamingo Noir Fire/dark/Mace Perma dom

4. Blue Skadoo Savage/Will Power Brute

5. Awesome Sauce Katana/Dark Armor Brute. 


But frankly i have about 12 level 50s that i have totally gone into IOs and T4 incarnates on that I all like playing alot. If i dont like them i dont spend the money or time on them to "finish" them properly. 

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Best overall PVE experience: Rad/Sonic defender (Dr. Iodine). Solos well, if slowly, at all levels. Noticeably speeds up teams. Suits my preferred PVE play style, which is to charge recklessly into melee range. Anniversary badges are going on this one.


Second best PVE experience: Ice/therm corruptor (Herocatcher Jake). Ice blast is awesome. Thermal is useful on teams at all levels. It's not great for mid-level solo missions, but the holds in Ice make up for it. I may eventually build this for zone PVP. Redside, obviously.


Best PVP experience: Emp/Beam defender (Little Mikey). I've only built two PVP toons so far, and I've only actually done PVP a little bit. Emping was more fun than playing a stalker. PVP really is about ranged powers.


Fire Farmer: Rad/Fire brute (Fireplay).


Best attempt to undermine the concept of hero while celebrating a foreign national holiday: Invuln/StJ tanker (Bastille Boy). True to his biography, Bastille Boy is good at taunting his enemies and getting in the way of their attacks, but he's not all that good at inflicting damage.

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My current fave five:


Ice Ice Baby. --ice/ice blaster (just all-around fun, powerful and awesome fun to play)

Peace Pack -- beast/nature mm (I used to love my demon/dark, but this one edges her out lately)

Wylde Childe -- rad/plant blaster (newish and therefore interesting and fun--love the spines!)

Power Plant -- plant/kin troll (love to play her with the all plant troll sg)

Trapper Jayne -- plant/emp troll (nostalgia brings me back to her again and again)


hon mention: Lil Sprite -- water/kin corr  (haven't played her lately, but so fun!)

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#1) An Elec/Elec Sentinel with crazy endurance draining capabilities

#2) Fire/Invuln Sentinel is an interesting build. Both defensive and offensive options available.

#3) Rad/Fiery Aura Brute is my favorite build for farming.

#4) Arachnos Soldier Huntsman who is notoriously hard to hit. Lacks damage but has staying power.

#5) Arachnos Widow is fun to play with on teams. Squishy, but surprisingly good damage and CC imo

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I don't stick to a character even when liking them. I'm nuts like that.


- Tanker: Rad/MA. No point in ever building another tank, it has everything I need to feel good about playing tanks. Could do with more ST damage since hitting for 200 damage isn't hot.

- Blaster: Archery/TA. Fast recharging nuke so I don't feel good only every two packs as with every other Blaster I've played. Could do with more ST damage as well. Dat Lethal damage.

- Scrapper: Claws/Bio. Best thing since sliced bread. An AoE machine and great ST damage with fast animations. Pretty damn tough outside of ITFs.

- Stalker: Procced out KM has been fun. Currently EA but not enjoying it. Been tinkering with Ice Armor and will probably try it next.

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On 5/18/2020 at 1:52 PM, Gulbasaur said:

they're basically more powerful scrappers but at a cost of a slightly different rotation and about 150 hit points

I'd like to point out that the loss of AoE attacks is the real cost here. Some sets make out like bandits on this end like Staff Fighting only losing its ability to *not* be in offensive form or Street Justice which just trades a ST attack for AS, but most lose a very real AoE attack in exchange for Assassin's Strike. Broad Sword for example loses Whirling Sword pbaoe. Some sets get the shaft real bad like Martial Arts that has 0 AoE attacks in the primary 😧

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