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New Costume Pieces Request


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For the weaboo in all of us:

  • O-yoroi Osode: large, square/rectangular shoulder guards (probably about ten to twenty percent large than the ones currently available). These might need to be back pieces actually as in my ideal form, they'd be animated so they rest over the shoulder while out of combat, but in combat, they slide and hang from the back, and to my knowledge back pieces are the only animated costume pieces or things which occupy the back slot.
  • Haori coats over armor and robes: These long coats could probably done as a jacket item with the samurai chestpieces and martial arts robe made into a chest detail to fit under it.
  • Hadate Skirt option: a type of armored skirt worn under the thigh/hip plates.
  • Full Kote sleeves as a jacket option: to compliment the haori (and because haori worn over armor seemed to be sleeveless*) a jacket sleeve which could be the kote which included not only forearm protection as the in-game set shows, but also upper arm protection with smaller metal plates and chain.
  • For the female version of the Kusazuri to not look like a mini-skirt version and actually cover the damn thighs.
  • Nanban armor: The single steel chestpiece brought to the samurai from the Portuguese (thus the name 'nanban gusouku' or 'foreign armor'), the benefit of this one is that because it's basically lifted from 16th century European curaisses at the time, it's conceptually flexible and could just be introduced as a Portuguese armor.
  • Tall half-helmets: as seen in one of the pictures, samurai also sometimes wore tall helmets designed to deflect blows to the top of the head, I believe it's also borrowed from Portuguese design. The tall Cone-head could actually work well as a basic half-helmet option.
  • Another Men-po design: currently, the only options for men-po are the martial arts pack oni-mask and the Samurai set's men-po which is lion-design. Would be nice to have the traditional old-man face with the mustache and maybe even the proper neck protector bib (shikoro).
  • Give men and women proper Hakama-esque pant: Hopefully not much, but for men all I'd want is the Japanese pants with some modeled creases on it, ideally I'd prefer the women's shorts 3 option and extend it down to the ankles (this would apply for the women too
  • Tucked in robes: basically the martial arts robes but with no overhang, so they can look tucked into the pants as they are in some styles. (or in the martial arts robe 2, 4, and 5's case, used as a normal frog fastened Chinese shirt)
  • Samurai Tsubo Suneate options: basically Basically versions of the samurai sandals that are just the sandals without the armored shin guards (and back straps). Coming in two varieties: one with socks and one with bare feet so at last, men and women can have sort of flipflops.

I'd honestly go on all day but I think I've suggested City of Samurai enough and will banish myself back to For Honor.




nanban armor.png

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Closed versions of the mini vest, classic steampunk, and victorian steampunk jackets on females. I wanted to use a short jacket on one of my characters, but since they use biolumenescence it looks like im showing off my tits when i use them.


Give biolumenesence chest, gloves, legs, and boots the ability to use paterns. Biolumenescent Face can use em, so why not the other parts?


Fix the retro jacket sleves so you cant see through your elbows anymore.


The ability to use spectrum underneath shirts and robes.


If possible, make spectrum a skin texture/pattern so i can use more pieces with it.


Make those cybertech tattoos a pattern so i can use em without having to wear a tank top. Also make it that you can color the tats and tank seperatley.


Custom eye colors.


If possible, give us the option to have our wings only appear when we start flying, and dissapear when we stop flying. That would be awesome.


edit: also, robotic left arms. I dont know why the og devs didnt make this in the first place.

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Here are some of my costume ideas


In Kilts/Shorts:


  • Hawaiian themed shorts
  • Surfer style shorts


Animal Heads:


  • Gorilla (angry)
  • Gorilla (with smile)
  • Gorilla Body+legs


SURFBOARDS (Rocketboards)


  • Make these a costume part that works with flight! Also make these color changable


Clothing that you can write words on:


  • Customize what is said on t-shirts, costumes, etc.




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Open suit jackets with out the stupid vest. Move the shirts that are under the jacket heading to shirts.

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Because there is a city in the Midwest that is continually threatened by a silver backed gorilla and is protected by a man who can run faster than the speed of light.

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22 hours ago, Fista said:

Open suit jackets with out the stupid vest. Move the shirts that are under the jacket heading to shirts.

Open jackets without the vest: Probably doable, if the staff has a way to edit geometry.
Moving "shirt" jackets to shirts: Probably not doable, unfortunately, because of the way sleeves work. Jacket sleeves delete the geometry of the upper arm, allowing them to be closer-fitting without clipping, while "shirts" sleeves don't. This is why the casual dress shirt sleeves are so bulky looking: they have to have buffer space so the arm geometry underneath doesn't clip through when the character moves. Short jacket sleeves replace the arm as part of the sleeve itself which is why you can only pick one color for the sleeve (the other color is the skin color). I also don't expect that the vertices of the jacket shoulder seams would be exactly the same as the shoulder seams on the shirts, and if they're different then the existing "jacket" shirts won't work with the existing "shirt" sleeves and vice versa. I don't expect that this would be possible to reverse-engineer.

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Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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On 4/25/2020 at 10:28 AM, RoboKnight said:

I want a shoulder mounted tank cannon.

Fun, and I'm going to assume it would have a conditional element for working, just like the jetpacks exhaust visuals.  But wouldn't it need to be associated to specific powersets?  I mean an MA/SR scrapper, for example, would have no need for such a piece, yet the option would be there for them to use under the current system.  


Unless...hmm...unless  there's an added inf-purchase option with the P2W for acquiring tank cannon ammo giving those without range striking an option.  Intriguing... *wanders off in thought*

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I think it would be a good idea to be able to use hoods and helmets at the same time

For Example:

Which helmets besides great helm can have a hood put over them ...



I think swords/blades in the back is a good idea too, some minions have like the Tsoo

Tsoo - Paragon Wiki


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On 10/30/2019 at 6:47 AM, drgantz said:

What kind of new costume pieces would you like to see?

That's hard to choose...


#1 would be more and better hairstyles, and high-res face textures (only a few of them are higher quality, most look blurry).


Once that would be done, my wish list would move onto things like more materials options, color options, more dresses, more shirts, better military uniforms, more hats.




To give some examples of some of the possibilities with just more options to choose from (remember this game is Cryptic-made engine as well, like CoH) :


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A few options from the NPC version of the IDF that you can look at via the NPC Icon tool are shown here on the right. The original character is on the left. 





That's the Chest Attachment option, the Shoulders, the Gloves and the boots. 

Aside from some baked in colors (the red accent lights) I'm pretty sure these would be ready to go as far as additional costume options. They don't appear to clip any more than any of the regular parts do. 

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On 5/12/2020 at 8:26 PM, Dynamo-Joe said:






On 5/12/2020 at 9:10 PM, ArchVileTerror said:


That is a BEEFY boi, there Joe.   And I imagine he doesn't even have any beef in him!   Impressive.

"What do they feed you...?"

"Steel...Steel and pig iron furnaces so hot a man forgets his fear of hell.  When you're hard enough, tough enough...other things..."

-- quotes from "The Quiet Man"

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Since Staff came up on Live, I just wanted a spear. A basic spear. Some themed spears would be cool - Greco/Roman, primative, high tech, etc. But, please, just give me a spear.

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@Attache on Everlasting (Formely Virtue and Pinnacle)


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I just got my second Aztec themed character to level 50.  Native American themed costumed pieces are very hard to put together.   A war bonnet is probably just not practical, but we need more fur-with-skin, fringes, and feathers than we have now. 

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Flower crowns for female characters (the type you see at weddings) with the option to wear different hair styles with it (short hair, long hair, braided, & hair up) and be able to color the hair separate from the flowers, & have different versions of flowers (or at least be able to use 3 or 4 colors on the flowers).


Also a more fantasy versions of the flower crown with branches either straight up or back, with or without nature life on it (birds, butterflys, squirrels, etc...), with or without glow on it.

And be able to wear a variety of hairstyles with the fantasy flower crowns as well.


Also have a barren or dead branches version as well.

















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tactical costume accessories......gun holsters.....single and double holsters for pistols, both modern and western styles, such as Lara Crofts,  

you can wear double bandoleers like western/mexicans but no  single or double rifle back pack  holsters?

same thing with swords....need single and double scabbards or sheaths, 

archery needs more arrow quivers, such as, modern target quivers that are worn on the hip and those worn on a back packs like on modern hunting gear, and old style Samurai quivers

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