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What's missing in the character creator?

Jack Power

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I was thinking while going through my list of characters on how I would change them if more costume parts were part of our, admittedly already great, character creation screen.


So, what do feel is missing? Is it a costume part? An aura? A particular color? Something else I’m not thinking of?


Mu suggestion, if I may add one, is I would like to have a turban headdress option. An Arabian knight type character would be cool.



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Snake lower body i need my naga!

Multiple arms kali ma!

Other arm selections for crab backpack.


More animal selections snake head!

Wizard robes

Different cast options based on origin

Magic wands, rings, etc

Technology blasters, wrist weapons, etc

Tentacles!!! Oh sweet Cthulu

More weapon skins

Mutation ie extra eyes, pustules, lesions, half grown appendages, tumors, second head, etc.

True plant body options

Ethereal body options Ghosts!




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A global “No graphic effects”toggle that affects all existing and any new alts.

And by global I mean all graphic effects as at present there are stil some effects that are persistent even where that power et cetera has a No fx option.

I would even like the effects from insps to be toggable. (not too sure if that is a word but….🤔)




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More racial diversity. It seems like some ideas are very basic copy/paste of stereotypical ideas versus fleshing out ideas better. Certainly more African pieces would be great. 

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27 minutes ago, arcane said:

Not a missing piece but it would be nice to be able to turn on toggles in character creation so you can see their collective effect.


I like the above.


I'd also appreciate the ability to recolor/tint/modify the visual effect of %procs from Enhancements. There are several of them that I really like for concept, but the colors don't match my power scheme. (Maybe they can be tinted and I am ignorant?)


For example, the %Mag +2 Hold from the Lockdown set. I especially like seeing the ball of lightning around a held/levitated character during epic Soul Storm, but I dislike that the colors won't match unless I change the Soul Mastery powers to match the %proc.

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The ability to flag toons as something other than human: Alien, Robot, Demon, Ghost, Android, Elemental, etc.


Not in addition to existing origins, but along-side them.


Still occasionally thinking about this idea in the back of my mind after briefly rolling it around in a different thread here many months ago.

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Non-transparent, better defined, t-shirt option for female body type.


Outcast chest symbols.

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20 minutes ago, Rosencrantz said:

Non-transparent, better defined, t-shirt option for female body type.



Quite a few things for females that don't look painted on. Sometimes painted badly. (Bikini tops, sport tops, etc. )



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There is some magic in that costume creator. It would be sad to lose that to a revamp.. Just putting that on record as ideas get batted around.


There are some other good character creators out there but many many more bad/worse/lessthanstellar ones.



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Specifically for Arachnos Soldiers: more rifle options! Out of the 17 normal rifle models, they get.... 5. And they're all ones that look more at home on Beam Rifle. I've got zero idea why more haven't been proliferated and even less idea why those are the ones that have. Never played a proper Bane, but looks like they're pretty deficient in Mace options too, despite there normally being a plethora of bash sticks to choose from.


Aside from that, more NPC pieces in general are would be great. So happy we're getting Goldbricker parts in the upcoming issue.


For original ideas, I'd love to see more 'solid' aura options. Thinks like the Cyborg HUD and Victorian decor I think its called, which project a harder looking image around their espective body parts are super neat. I'd kill for something like the Praetorian police forcefields.

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Definitely came here to say opening up access to colors would be great. I got beat to the punch but I'll build off of that.


We have primary, and secondary costume and power color options, what about adding a tertiary color option for each costume piece/power so we could have more variety in our color schemes. Also modifying it so we can either pick from a color wheel or use hex colors would be great.


+1 for fixing the text boxes for typing bios and such as well.

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If you're just talking about a wish-list, I guess there are a ton of things it would be cool to have:


1) As mentioned, Female and male "Huge" gender types.  I actually wonder if the easier way to do this would just be to add the female gender face options as options for the Huge gender type?

2) The ability to choose multiple symbol types.  Or have both under and over symbol choices for chest detail.  It would be cool if we could choose three different greek symbols to make our SuperFrats/Sororities.  😆

3)  More animal head types:  Shark, Elephant, Gorilla, Badger, Beaver, Platypus, Frog, Preying Mantis- whatever is cool and interesting.

4)  Better designed weapons.  We have a few cool-looking weapons, but most of the guns and melee weapons are either pretty bland looking, very inaccurate replicas of real-world weapons, or both.  Whenever I view the weapons choices, I always feel like the person that got the job of modelling those, just wasn't really into making weapons and half-assed it so they could get done with the job and move on to something they found more enjoyable to do.

5)  Chain weapons (Flails, ball and chain, chain with hook, meteor hammers, whatever) for mace and/or titan weapons.


Honestly, there are tons of things, but a small, volunteer team only has so much time in the day to work up new content.  I think we have to keep our expectations realistic, here.  😁🤷‍♂️ 

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