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Homecoming Server Update (December 12th): AE Contest, Dev Choice, Bug Hunters, and more!


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  • City Council

Hello everyone!


There's quite a lot to go over today, so let's dive right in.


LFM: Web Designer with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Experience

We’re currently working on a new website and are on the lookout for some help to make it as awesome as it can be. We’re already hard at work on the new back-end services, so we’re primarily looking for volunteers that have experience writing modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create responsive mobile-friendly websites to help design and build the front-end of the website.


Check out Cipher's post for the full details if you're interested!


Architect Entertainment Holiday Contest Winners

The winners for the AE Holiday Contest have been announced!

  • The Christmas Contagion (Arc ID 34661) by @Shocktacular: “A Portal Corp. scientist found a Christmas dimension, and she brought back some amazing eggnog. Turns out it was contaminated with The Christmas Contagion! Now people everywhere are being “Jollified” as the contagion spreads! Can you stop this holiday disease and defeat whoever is behind it?”
  • Secret Christmas S.O.S. (Arc ID 34930) by @aekolm: "It’s Christmas Eve...Eve, you know that day where everyone races to supermart for last minute gifts and the intense anxiety of dealing with the relatives and disgust of raw egg nog merge to create a new emotion even worse than it parts. But as you dwell in agony you notice an S.O.S from near by.“

Check out GM Sparky's post for the full details.


New Dev Choice Arcs in Architect Entertainment

We’ve recently highlighted two more Dev Choice arcs in Architect Entertainment:

  • Adventures in Wonderland (Arc ID 28330) by @Ankylosaur: “Alice Liddell could use your help at the University library in Croatoa. Wait, was that THE White Rabbit that just ran by? [SFMA]”
  • Release Candidate (Arc ID 31010) by @Takel: "WANTED : Superpowered Individuals to test an advanced new AI matrix for Architect Entertainment. Excitement guaranteed!“ 




Check out GM Sparky's post for the full details, as well as information about submitting your own arcs for consideration.


Thank You to Testers!

Now that Issue 27 has been live for a few weeks, we wanted to take a moment to thank the testers who helped ensure we had a stable and polished release with their time, feedback and bug reports.


So, we'd like to extend a thank you to @Wavicle @AustinSmith @csr @Molubdos @America's Angel @Hopestar @Doomrider @Kanil @GruntledDave @Ratch_ @Tsuko @Keleko @MindOverMatter @Nayreia / Karonax @oedipus_tex @Keen @Lines @zenblack @Tater Todd @Myrmidon @Infinitum @Replacement @ScarySai @macskull @Monos King @Apparition @Vanden @Yuro, and an extra big thank you to @Bopper and @Galaxy Brain for helping to organise the testing efforts!


You've all been sent at least one Bug Hunter badge. You can find it in your account mail in-game (the same place where Super Pack items appear). Please be aware that each Bug Hunter badge can only be claimed on one character, so choose wisely 🙂 




Participation in the testing process is hugely important for ensuring a solid release, so we really do appreciate the time that everyone has put in. If you're interested in earning a Bug Hunter badge for yourself, be sure to join in with the testing of future patches!


Zone PvP Showdown Events (December 13th, 20th, 27th)

CR Mochi is hosting a series of Zone PvP events on Indomitable this month! The first event will be taking place tonight at 9pm Eastern in Recluse's Victory.


The subsequent events will be taking place at 9pm Eastern on the 20th and 27th of December, and the zones are currently being voted on! Check out CR Mochi's thread for the full details, and to vote on the locations for the 2nd & 3rd events.


Monthly Costume Contest: Retro! (December 26th)

Come join us on Saturday December 26th at 4pm Eastern (9pm UTC) in Kallisti Wharf on all shards for the final costume contest of the year. This month the theme is Retro!


As usual, a myriad of prizes will be up for grabs - check out GM Kaiju' post for the full details.


Reminders: Winter Event & Donation Window

And before we sign off for today, two quick reminders:

  • The Winter Event will be running until server maintenance on Tuesday the 5th of January
  • The donation window this month will be held a week early, on Saturday the 19th of December, rather than the last Saturday of the month

And that's all for today. From all the GMs, developers and other volunteers at Homecoming, we'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year!


- The Homecoming Team

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  • City Council

@Kanil @GruntledDave @MindOverMatter @macskull @Monos King @Apparition


Please log into the game and send me a PM once you've done so! In order for us to award the Bug Hunter badge, you need to have logged in once since the last maintenance window.



Now awarded: @macskull @Kanil @Apparition @MindOverMatter @Monos King

Still awaiting: @GruntledDave

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Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master!

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Just did #31010, on my Bots/EA MM. It was awesome, really enjoyed it. Final EB not too tough. Did die once in the last mission prior to EB fight, because my henchies went a little wacko with the aggro, but it happens sometimes.

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